Therapeutic Massage 

We customize  each treatment for each client. Specializing in pain management, rehabilitation and sports therapy.  Consulting with our clients and addressing each session with education and open eyes.

~ Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Therapy, Cupping, Muscle Manipulation, Strain Counter Strain, Assisted Stretching, Swedish, Kinesiology, Circulatory, Lymphatic, Reflexology & Neuromuscular

60 Minute- $85

90 Minute- $115

Back Massage


An ancient Japanese healing therapy that uses light touch on or around your 7 Chakra points. It’s a technique used for stress reduction and relaxation, but also promotes healing and strengthens the immune system in order to start the self-healing process inside the body which restores balance.  Reiki is offered to clients fully clothed.

30 Minutes - $55
60 Minutes - $75

Alternative Therapy


A customized one on one treatment with our highly trained professional. Acupuncture aids in allergies/asthma, anxiety/depression, arthritis/joint problems, muscle and joint pain and injury, bladder/kidney problems, constipation/diarrhea, colds/influenza, bronchitis, dizziness, drug/alcohol/smoking addiction, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, gynecological disorders, headache/migraine, heart problems/palpitations, high blood pressure, immune system deficiency, , menopausal discomfort, premenstrual syndrome, paralysis/numbness, rhinitis, sciatica, sexual dysfunction, side effects of chemotherapy, sinusitis, skin problems, stress/tension, stroke rehabilitation, & tendonitis

First Time Session- 90 Minute Consultation and Treatment- $135

Follow Up Session- 60 Minute- $85

Acupuncture Close Up

Temporarily Unavailable

Health Coaching

We can all benefit from someone who will motivate us and keep us accountable for our goals.  This includes a free 20-minute consultation to go over your health history and formulate a plan that will work for you. You will receive a 45 minute coaching session, handouts, a new gift each week, nutritional label training, goal tracking and more. 
First 20 Minutes – Free
3 Month Program

( 6 sessions total) - $500
6 Month Program

(12 sessions total) - $1,000

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