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Products We Take Pride In

We take great pride in all of the products we provide and sell. We have tested and or use the products on ourselves or family. We try to source local as much as possible or we make them ourselves. 

Body Butter

Deep penetrating hydration. 

Richelle's formula is finely tuned and homemade. Using 4 different organic oils and butters as a base and her own specialized refined essential oils scents.

Scents~ Deep in the Woods, Citrus & Creme, Lavender & Peppermint, Faint Floral, Gingerbread, Magnolia Rain, Vanilla, Pina Colada & see is always coming up with more.

4oz~ $20.00

8oz~ $35.00

Prices may change


Shower Steamer

Enhance your showers with refreshing scents!

From deep in the woods of Washington State to an English flower garden, or feel your breathing become clearer with our Breath Deep, enjoy all these and more steaming scents.


4 mini steam pack~ $7.00

Regular Size (one time) ~ $5.00

Prices may change  

ToePal Toe Seperaters


Prices may change

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