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Definition of Massage Treatments:

Swedish Massage~ Recognized as the basis for many Massage Therapies, Swedish Massage stimulates circulation, increases muscle flexibility, and fosters general balance in the structure and function of the muscular and skeletal systems. Swedish uses long strokes and can be lighter or deeper pressure.

Deep Tissue~ Uses deeper pressure and is generally used for rehabilitation and specific muscle work. Treatments that are under the Deep Tissue umbrella, Counterstrain, Trigger Point, Muscle Manipulation and Assisted Stretching. 

Counterstrain~ A manual therapy technique, meaning the clinician only uses his hands to treat muscle and joint pain and dysfunction. It is a gentle and non-traumatic treatment with long lasting results. Very beneficial for a wide variety of tissue issues.

Trigger Point~ Soft tissue pressure point and reflex therapies are employed to produce either localized or large-scale bodily effects through the stimulation of specific points on and between muscle groupings.

Muscle Manipulation~ Specialized technique that can provide instant relief from acute and chronic pain. It involves the application of sensitive touch and feeling as well as positioning techniques that attempt to change the position of muscles in the body.

Assisted Stretching~ Or Partner Stretching, is stretching with the assistance of another person. Assisted stretching allows your body to move in ways that it is not able to when stretching alone. Generally added to another treatment.

Neuromuscular~ Relieves muscle tension, promotes structural integration, reduces mental and emotional stress, and improves organ and glandular balance.

Sports Therapy~ For conditioning, preparation, and treatment of strain or injury. Short sessions for before or after intense sports events. 

Circulatory~ Adjusts and redirects poor circulatory flow and reinforces proper circulation. Besides being beneficial for many circulatory disorders, this massage therapy also promotes general well-being. Only 60 Minute treatments.

Lymphatic~ Proper lymph drainage assists in maintaining the integrity of the immune system and helps to strengthen the body against immune system insufficiencies, allergy symptoms, colds, arthritis, and many other inflammatory conditions that affect the body’s natural defense system. Only 60 Minute Treatment.

Reflexology~ Reflex points for various organs, glands and nerves for the entire body are found on the feet. Massage of these reflex points using Swedish strokes, soft tissue manipulations, and pressure-pointing can help return body systems and functions to healthful balance. Can be added to another treatment but is generally a 60 Minute  Treatment.

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